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52 Ancestors- #11 William David Clark

William David Clark

My great-grandfather, William David Clark, was born 14 November 1847 at Sheboygan Falls, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. He was the oldest child of Sanford and Mary Jane (Dumprope) Clark, who were married at Ontario, Canada and shortly thereafter moved to Wisconsin. William was known by many as "Dave", and to nieces and nephews as "Uncle Bill". 

On 30 October 1882 he was united in marriage to Amelia Liebe of Mosel, Sheboygan County. Soon after their marriage, the couple moved to Claybanks, in Door County, Wisconsin, where they farmed for over 25 years.
Dave & Amelia Clark

Dave and Amelia were parents of eight children, seven of whom lived to adulthood: Sanford, Charles "Charlie", Charlotte "Lottie", Hannah, John, Georgianna "Georgie", and James. Their youngest, Daisy, died soon after birth.

Children of Dave & Amelia Clark:
Sanford, Georgie, James,
Lottie, John & Hannah
Sanford, Charlie & John Clark

Dave with son Sanford and granddaughter Helen
The one recurrent description I have heard of my great-grandfather was that he had a bad temper, and wasn't always known to treat Amelia kindly.

Later in life, Dave and Amelia lived for a time with my grandparents, Sanford and Eva on their farm; and after Amelia's death, Dave lived with their daughter Charlotte and Chan Schuyler for his remaining year. 

William David Clark passed away on 26 November 1935, and was buried next to his wife of 52 years at the Claybanks cemetery. It is a peaceful little cemetery, high atop a hill overlooking Lake Michigan.

Clay Banks Cemetery

Obituary from Door County
Advocate, 29 Nov. 1935

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